Al Thurya Radiation Services Company: Al Thurya Co., with experience and knowledge in all aspects of radiation protection and NORM management Fields from initial detection such as Base Line Survey – Sampling(laboratory analysis) -Decontamination, consolidation, packaging and final disposal.

Al Thurya provides Radiation/NORM management solution to resource-based industries that generate NORM.  All projects completed under the direction of qualified Radiation Safety Officers (RSO’s) and overseen by qualified Radiation Protection Officers (RPO’s), qualified professionals ensures the proper radiation protection requirements are maintained in accordance with MOH-RPD/KOC HSE Standard regulation and ensures appropriate records are maintained including dose assessments.


  • Transportation of Radioactive Materials for all nuclear medicine departments in Kuwait, we have a contract with Ministry of health since 2004 until now
  • Disposal of technetium generators, store it in our storage banker and transport it and ship it out of Kuwait we have a contract with suppliers companies and ministry of health
  • Supplying survey meters and TLD, EPD from our partner Thermofisher Scientific company to all private and governmental hospitals and clinics
  • Supplying Radioactive Materials for all nuclear medicine departments Through our partner PharmaEXL company
  • Constructing X-RAY Rooms and installing led sheets
  • Many projects for Disposal of radioactive materials

Finally, we have a well-trained and certified engineers and technicians have a very good experience in dealing with radioactive materials and nuclear medicines all of them are licensed and certified from regulatory authority in Kuwait

We provide the following services :-

  • Follow up the license application (all type of radiation service license) from R P D and Ministry of health
  • Leak Test & Area Monitoring for your Level Gauge/ Transmission Gauges
  • Export/Disposal of Orphan Radiation Sources 
  • Radioactive Materials Waste Disposal & Emergency Handling
  • Radioactive Materials Installation/ Removal with safety supervision
  • Prepare the Storage & Controlled area(Area Monitoring) for Radiation Materials
  • Sales & supply of Radiation Monitoring & safety Equipment’s 
  • We  venture with International partner M/s Thermo fisher  – GmbH for all the Environmental –Radiation Equipment’s Supply
  • NORM –TENORM Services to Oil and Gas Companies
  • Training Program in Radiation Services/Technical Training