Some of the best-known names in the industry rely on us to design and build their downstream oil and gas processing facilities, and its Technology group and its partners to provide cost-effective technologies and catalysts.
We offer a comprehensive range of technology and engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction services for the downstream oil & gas industry, with a focus on
  • Engineering Services
  • Consultant Management
  • Project Management
  • Plant Commission Management
  • Asset Integrity Services
  • Petrochemical facilities
  • Inspection and Quality Control Services
  • Documents and Procedure Developments
  • Pre Commission – & Commission and Study State Operation of the Plants
  • Training – E Training Services
  • Plant Performance Services

Specialize in tracers and non-intrusive inspection techniques for investigation of industrial processes for troubleshooting and optimization.

Services Provided

  • Interwell tracer for water/gas injection study
  • Frac tracers (water and oil tracers)
  • Natural tracers
  • Tracer simulation (ECLIPSE or UTCHEM)
  • Well Head Samplers for water sample at very low water cut

Currently Working On: Pilot Project On Natural Partitioning Interwell Tracer To Determine Residual Oil Saturation

The objective of this project is to conduct field trials of the use of the novel method of using Natural Partitioning Interwell Tracers to estimate “Sor” in the late water injection reservoirs of Kuwait. The obtained results will be analyzed for further assessment of the applicability of the method.

  1. Design of tracer tests
  2. Collection of produced water samples
  3. Measurement of Kd
  4. Sample analysis
  5. Data interpretation and report