we have been providing to MEW for 3 years. These facilities typically include power generation installations of various types and sizes for power generation. we also maintain as a part of these contracts. It has, therefore, been a natural extension of our business to provide Operation and Maintenance services directly to the power plant and the power utility market. Knowledge of design and engineering process provides O&M personnel with greater insight into product operation, leading to more effective problem identification and resolution, thus saving time and cost.

We offer a range of contract possibilities for key power generation facilities associated with various levels of service. The most comprehensive service level involves the provision of Integrated Operation & Maintenance services, which means carrying out a tailor-made A-Z approach for the prospective clients.

Major Project: Supply & Installation of Radiation Portal Monitors to Kuwait Customs.

Al-Thurya had been awarded to install nine Radiation Portal Monitor (RPM) Gates for Kuwait Customs through Global Clearing House Systems(GCS) in five different location of Kuwait Borders & Sea Ports.

    • Salmi Border – One RPM Gate
    •   Nuwaiseeb Border – Two RPM Gates
    • Shuwaikh Sea Port – Two RPM Gates
    • Shuaiba Sea Port – Three RPM Gates
    • Sulaibiya – One RPM Gate
  • Operating plants in a safe, compliant and efficient Manner
  • Developing and implementing formal procedural, maintenance, environmental and safety management programs
  • Maintaining overall care and control of the plant and site Advising and recommending tooling and inventory
  • Recommending procedural changes, when necessary, to improve operation
  • Responding and adjusting to changing operating conditions
  • Significantly reduces management time input.
  • Allows for a multi-level independent maintenance review, followed by
    clear interfaces
  • QHSE management.
  • Reliability and availability.
  • Plant integrity.
  • Production objectives.
  • Cost Reduction.