Required for a major company “Team Leader For Radiation Services team”

Should meets the following conditions:

  • University degree / radiological physics or general physics sciences/ nuclear
  • Experience in radiation safety of not less than 5 years
  • Experience in dealing with natural occurring radioactive materials NORM
  • Experience in dealing with accidents and radiological emergencies
  • Experience in the field of project study and pricing for radiological services,
  • Surveying, Transport, storage, export and dealing with radioactive waste
  • Experience in communicating with international companies in the field of radiation services and the oil sector
  • Has experience and ability to communicate with the main local companies in the oil sector and follow up on projects
  • Skills in using Microsoft Office programs
  • The ability to communicate in both Arabic and English
  • salary will be determined according to the CV, experience provided and when conducting the personal interview

Please send your CV with photos of experiences to:

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