Their newly-inserted time handler was attempted prior to all the other go out handlers built-into Universal Feed Parser

(More particularly, the go out handlers try attempted during the “last-in, first-out” order; we.e. the very last handler getting joined ‘s the earliest one to tried, and stuff like that in reverse order off subscription.)

If your date handler returns None , or anything other than a Python 9-tuple date, or raises an exception of any kind, the error will be silently ignored and the other registered date handlers will be tried in order. If no date handlers succeed, then the date is not parsed, and the * _parsed value will not be present in the results dictionary. The original date string will still be available in the appropriate element in the results dictionary.

For individuals who generate a separate day handler, you’re encouraged (however needed) to submit a spot that it would be included in the fresh new 2nd sort of Universal Supply Parser.


Really feeds embed HTML markup contained in this provide elements. Particular nourishes actually embed other sorts of markup, such SVG or MathML. Because so many offer aggregators have fun with a browser (otherwise internet browser part) to display blogs, Universal Feed Parser sanitizes inserted markup to eliminate things that you’ll pose protection dangers.

  • resource.feed.identity
  • resource.provide.details
  • site.feed.liberties
  • site.entry.term
  • resource.entry.bottom line
  • reference.entryway.articles

These devices tests to have HTML sanitizing reveal numerous examples of dangerous markup you to definitely Universal Feed Parser sanitizes by default.

HTML Sanitization¶

The next HTML aspects are permitted automatically (all others try stripped):a, abbr, acronym, target, urban area, post, out, sounds, b, big, blockquote, br, key, fabric, caption, center, mention, code, col, colgroup, order, datagrid, datalist, dd, del, info, dfn, dialogue, dir, div, dl, dt, em, event-supply, fieldset, contour, footer, font, form, heading, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, hours, we, img, enter in, inches, keygen, kbd, title, legend, li, yards, chart, selection, meter, multicol, nav, nextid, noscript, ol, productivity, optgroup, choice, p, pre, progress, q, s, samp, part, select, brief, sound, origin, spacer, duration, strike, solid, sub, sup, table, tbody, td, textarea, day, tfoot, th, thead, tr, tt, u, ul, var, video clips

The second HTML characteristics are allowed automatically (all others are stripped):abbr, deal with, accept-charset, accesskey, action, fall into line, alt, autoplay, autocomplete, autofocus, axis, background, equilibrium, bgcolor, bgproperties, edging, bordercolor, bordercolordark, bordercolorlight, bottompadding, cellpadding, cellspacing, ch, challenge, char, charoff, choff, charset, featured, cite, classification, obvious, colour, cols, colspan, compact, contenteditable, coords, data, datafld, datapagesize, datasrc, datetime, standard, delay, dir, disabled, draggable, dynsrc, enctype, stop, face, to have, means, physical stature, galleryimg, gutter, headers, height, hidefocus, hidden, higher, href, hreflang, hspace, symbol, id, inputmode, ismap, keytype, label, leftspacing, lang, list, longdesc, circle, loopcount, loopend, loopstart, lowest, lowsrc, max, maxlength, mass media, strategy, min, numerous, name, nohref, noshade, nowrap, open, greatest, trend, ping, point-dimensions, timely, pqg, radiogroup, readonly, rel, repeat-maximum, repeat-minute, change, necessary, rev, rightspacing, rows, rowspan, legislation, scope, chosen, shape, dimensions, duration, src, start, action, bottom line, prevents, tabindex, address, theme, title, toppadding, form of, unselectable, usemap, urn, valign, worthy of, varying, regularity, vspace, vrml, width, wrap, xml:lang

SVG Sanitization¶

Another SVG issue are permitted automagically (others are removed):an effective, animate, animateColor, animateMotion, animateTransform, circle, defs, desc, ellipse, foreignObject, font-deal with, font-face-name, font-face-src, g, glyph, hkern, linearGradient, range, marker, metadata, missing-glyph, mpath, road, polygon, polyline, radialGradient, rect, set, stop, svg, option, text, name, tspan, use

The second SVG properties are allowed by default (others try stripped):accent-peak, gather, additive, alphabetic, arabic-means, ascent, attributeName, attributeType, baseProfile, bbox, start, by the, calcMode, cap-height, class, color, color-rendering, posts, cx, cy, d, dx, dy, lineage, display, dur, prevent, complete, fill-opacity, fill-rule, font-nearest and dearest, font-size, font-offer, font-concept, font-version, font-pounds, from, forex, fy, g1, g2, glyph-identity, gradientUnits, dangling, top, horiz-adv-x, horiz-origin-x, id, ideographic, k, keyPoints, keySplines, keyTimes, lang, analytical, marker-avoid, marker-middle, marker-start, e, offset, opacity, orient, source, overline-position, overline-density, panose-step one, roadway, pathLength, situations, preserveAspectRatio, r, refX, refY, repeatCount, repeatDur, requiredExtensions, requiredFeatures, resume, change, rx, ry, hill, stemh, stemv, stop-colour, stop-opacity, strikethrough-condition, strikethrough-density, stroke, stroke-dasharray, stroke-dashoffset, stroke-linecap, stroke-linejoin, stroke-miterlimit, stroke-opacity, stroke-depth, systemLanguage, address, text-anchor, so you can, transform, style of, u1, u2, underline-reputation, underline-occurrence, unicode, unicode-variety, units-per-em, thinking, type, viewBox, profile, thickness, widths, x, x-top, x1, x2, xlink:actuate, xlink:arcrole, xlink:href, xlink:role, xlink:show, xlink:identity, xlink:type of, xml:legs, xml:lang, xml:room, xmlns, xmlns:xlink, y, y1, y2, zoomAndPan