Gladden the minds from the fragrance away from Thy love

O Thou kind Lord! Thou hast created every humankind throughout the exact same inventory. Thou hast elizabeth house. Inside the Thy Holy Exposure all of them are Thy servants, and all humanity is actually sheltered below Thy Tabernacle; all the has attained together with her at Thy Table of Bounty; are illumined through the light from Thy Providence.

O Goodness! Thou hast blessed every single the which have talents and you will traits, as well as was submerged in the Sea from Thy Mercy.

O Thou kind Lord! Unify most of the. Let the religions concur to make the fresh new nations that, so they really ily in addition to entire environment in general home. Could possibly get all of them live together with her within the prime equilibrium.

O Thou kind Dad, Goodness! Brighten our eyes from White out-of Thy Advice. Joy our ears into beat off Thy Word, and cover people from the Stronghold regarding Thy Providence.

Thou artwork kind to all the, Thou hast delivered to most of the, dost defense the, conferrest existence up on every

Thou ways the fresh Great and you can Strong, Thou ways brand new Forgiving and you will Thou art the one who overlooketh brand new flaws of all of the humankind.

O Jesus, O Thou Which hast throw Thy splendor along the luminous realities of men, shedding through to them the latest resplendent bulbs of knowledge and you will recommendations, and you will hast chosen them out of all of the authored anything because of it supernal grace, and you will hast brought about these to include all things, knowing their inmost substance, and also to disclose its secrets, delivering him or her ahead away from dark towards visible world! “The guy verily showeth His unique mercy to help you whomsoever He’s going to.” dos

Make them to learn the brand new invisible facts that will be authored and embedded in the heart of all that are. Make certain they are becoming ensigns regarding guidance around all the pets, and piercing radiation of your own notice losing forth their white inside the so it, the latest “first life.” step three Cause them to become as leaders unto Thee, instructions unto Thy path, athletes urging people onto Thy Empire.

“Baha’i matrimony is union and you will friendly affection between the two functions. They want to, yet not, do it the maximum care and be acquainted with for every single other people’s reputation. Which endless bond shall be produced safer by the a strong covenant, while the intent is to promote harmony, fellowship and you can unity in order to to have everlasting existence.”

O Lord, assist Thou Thy relatives to acquire studies plus the sciences and you may arts, and unravel the fresh new gifts which can be cherished up regarding inmost facts of all the composed beings

The new vow regarding relationships, the fresh new verse to be verbal in person by bride-to-be plus the groom regarding exposure of at least one or two witnesses appropriate so you can the brand new Spiritual System are, since the stipulated throughout the Kitab-i-Aqdas (Probably the most Holy Guide):

Praise end up being to help you Goodness, the fresh new Old, the fresh new Ever-Abiding, the newest Changeless, the fresh new Eternal! He Just who hath testified within his Own Getting you to definitely verily The guy is the one, the new Unmarried, new Untrammeled, the fresh Exalted. I happen witness you to verily there isn’t any Goodness but Him, acknowledging His oneness, confessing His singleness. The guy hath ever dwelt inside the unapproachable levels, in the summits out of Their loftiness, sanctified about regard to aught rescue Himself, free of the fresh new breakdown away from aught but Your.

And when He planned to manifest elegance and you can beneficence so you can boys, and put the world managed, The guy shown observances and you may written guidelines; included in this He centered what the law states of relationship, made it because a fortress to have well-are and salvation, and enjoined it through to us in that which was delivered off from the heaven from sanctity in his Extremely Holy Guide. He saith, high are His fame: “Enter into wedlock, O individuals, you to definitely ye id My servants. This can be My putting in a bid unto you; keep timely so you’re able to it as an assist with yourselves.”