Buffy chided Angel to have his envy although she cherished him, Surge got gained a devote the lady heart too

Immediately following Buffy forfeited by herself in the race facing Fame, Angel kept Los angeles and you can spent months at a monastery from inside the Asia from inside the attempt to come to terms with their despair. Through to coming back, he refused to speak about Buffy’s title and didn’t need to open up precisely how he thought more their death. The guy including said in order to Cordelia you to definitely in the whole existence, no-one mattered so you’re able to your the way Buffy did. Yet not, Cordelia hoping your it had been incorrect to believe like that since he had babel price been more powerful than James and this Angel way of life on are honoring Buffy’s recollections, maybe not betraying it. [2] Fundamentally, Angel try informed away from Buffy’s resurrection by Willow and left immediately just after to meet up with Buffy off-monitor approximately La and Sunnydale. [29] [30] Buffy after discussed the new encounter given that “intense”.

He together with came to Buffy’s assist in this lady fight Caleb, following she greeted with a “hello” kiss. Angel displayed immediate envy and distress more Buffy’s expanding link with Spike, especially when Buffy taught your to depart be effective to the second front and you may partially on account of Increase. She demonstrated when they was indeed ever before become together once more, it could be an excellent “long-time coming. Age, if ever.” Angel, as he is actually making and you will bestowing to Buffy brand new amulet Increase could use regarding the latest race, responds wryly: “I is not taking any elderly”. [31]

She admitted to help you Angel you to definitely she performed still have thoughts having your, and that she performed nonetheless need another to them, however, managed to make it specific you to she was not remotely ready for a serious matchmaking

After the Spike’s go back to lifestyle from inside the Los angeles, Angel went on to share anger and you will envy more than its common love on her; the 2 argued frequently from the Buffy, and Angel also expressed one Buffy is actually an effective “permanently like.” Angel got, toward of many era, exhibited unappealing bouts off jealousy more than Buffy’s almost every other romantic matchmaking (such as the lady relationship with Riley and Surge). Angel had in addition to tasked a spy to look at over Buffy immediately following she relocated to Europe immediately following Sunnydale’s depletion as she is actually no offered alongside La, justifying it by the trying to make certain she is safer, nonetheless constantly concerned as well as-protective. He after went with Increase to look for Buffy call at Rome, albeit unsuccessfully, and you may exhibited immense jealously for the The Immortal upon discovering that she try dating your. Angel and you can Surge was remaining to the well-known grounds when Andrew informed them that Buffy loved both of them, and therefore someday one of them have her. [32]

Once a confrontation which have James along with his fanatical fascination with his inactive partner, Angel reach end up being guilty he was not once the hopeless more than Buffy’s death just like the James are (exactly who practically killed himself) and this felt like good betrayal in order to her to own current when she is actually deceased

More a year later, Angel is actually manipulated by the mystical entity Twilight (and you may Whistler) because of word of an effective prophecy, pushing him to torment Buffy by the murdering two hundred from the woman other slayers. Angel was naturally unwilling to hack and you will fight against this lady, however, Whistler sure him one getting Twilight perform prevent the industry off going to Heck and remain each other Buffy and you may himself alive. Hiding himself since an enemy up against Buffy, Angel controlled each of the girl true opposition under their leaders so you’re able to has actually Buffy end up being focused and you will good, and additionally keeping her or him away from eliminating this lady. [33] [34]

After their name try revealed, Buffy try taken to the fresh verge out-of despair, however, turned into an excellent superpowered becoming underneath the negative effects of Twilight. If you’re attempting to calm down a resentful and you can betrayed Buffy, Angel generated extremely heavier, heartfelt claims to her. He previously mentioned in order to her that there try a reason for the new thoughts, and that they you certainly will never be happy with anybody else. In the future, influenced by the entity, both suddenly conveyed their love for both, along with intimate airborne sex that lead to the newest delivery regarding an alternative market, Twilight, that they later found see endangered Planet’s established world. [35] Angel made an effort to convince their to keep with your from the Twilight heaven, it is thinking the fresh new universe is actually its options at the joy. Buffy declined him, believing that Twilight was only a trap. Angel informed her it was exactly what she are meant for most of the with each other; when you’re Buffy temporarily considered Angel’s render, abreast of reading Xander’s scream away from aches, refuted it completely, and you will justified you to definitely she is actually meant to endeavor for her loved ones and you can family, not personal joy. Angel, that have short term doubt, agreed to exit the eden and you may endeavor by Buffy’s front. [36]