Angel shared strong love and you can shared rely on that have Willow Rosenberg, and not simply as the she restored their soul twice

In several instances he requested their assist, thinking about the woman because the a reliable ally and you can buddy. Shortly after restoring Angel’s heart toward 2nd date, they hugged just like the old family members. [79] But not, Willow exhibited unlock aggression with the Angel due to his procedures while the Twilight, momentarily flipping your toward an effective frog from their outrage. After the guy slain Giles, Believe reported that the complete Scooby Gang, except that Buffy, wanted Angel dry. [40]

Throughout the his initially time in Sunnydale, once Buffy, Willow are probably Angel’s best friend throughout the Scooby Gang and you can extremely friendly on your, even when, as with any the team, their connection with this lady are slightly burdened immediately following he came back from Hell following their go out because Angelus

Fundamentally, but not, Willow seems to move forward away from a small amount of this lady frustration towards Angel, due to the fact just after openly criticizing their want to resurrect Giles, she unwillingly accessible to help, once the she called for Angel’s help to give magic back to the latest industry. Willow, however, slapped him when he criticized her want to cover Connor, angrily blaming him having everything that had gone completely wrong, however when she bust on the tears of feeling, Angel tried to morale of worry and you will matter on her behalf, agreeing to let Conner chose. [66] In their adventure inside the Quor’toth, it did actually slightly resolve the relationships. Angel appeared to genuinely inform you many look after the woman, as he provides attempted to morale an effective distraught Willow in the absorbing excess dark miracle, advising the girl urgently that he had to believe the girl. She admitted that she did believe your despite their prior tips due to the fact Twilight however, she simply failed to trust herself. Willow unfortuitously temporarily got absorbed because of the dark secret, just for Angel in order to bite this lady in order to revert this lady back to regular. Willow came back the prefer, stopping Faith out-of eliminating him and you will informing Angel which he you certainly will battle his ebony front. When he regained manage, the two had quickly hugged one another from inside the appreciation.

Afterwards, Angel and you may Willow arrive at an answer. She advised your she understood he is disappointed, which he got sensed he had been starting best material and you will it was necessary, but firmly reminded your it failed to change the undeniable fact that just what the guy did was incorrect. Willow undoubtedly said to your one to she don’t believe she you are going to actually really forgive him for what the guy did, but at the same time, she wouldn’t see it in her own in order to dislike your. Angel is actually satisfied with so it, only glad you to she failed to dislike your anymore. Staying the woman the main deal, she left the latest a bit of Giles’s soul regarding scythe inside the hand, prior to departing to keep the lady unicamente journey. [85]

Daniel “Oz” Osbourne [ ]

Angel and Ounce hardly interacted throughout their short term time in this new Scooby Group, but appeared to get on good BBWCupid visitors enough whenever viewed along with her, most likely because they shared comparable experience, getting a vampire and werewolf, respectively. Oz had offered to offer Angel the fresh Gem out of Amara one to enabled your to walk regarding the sun under Buffy’s consult, visiting L.A beneficial as he had a concert there. He had assisted your against the chance of Surge and came back back again to Sunnydale. It appeared to have a little bond away from camaraderie, since the one another cam inside brief sentences as they are, in a number of indicates, similar, for each suffering from their fear of what their supernatural front was ready in the event that deprived of the manage their individual front brings. They had humorously involved with an extremely abreviated, pleasant conversation on reuniting for the L.A good., Oz saying that him and you will Angel were usually “laconic”. [113]