Al Thurya Radiation Service Co

Al-Thurya Radiation Services Company is mainly providing the Transportation of Radioactive Materials as per National & International rules and regulations and Approved by the Radiation Protection Department – Ministry of Health. We have been awarded 3rd Contunies contract from ministry of Health to Transpoart of Nuclear Medice to all over kuwait for Cancer Tratments A part of these we are providing the following services to our customers :-

  • Shipping & Clearance service for Radiation material from R.P.D –M.O.H and custom department in Kuwait.
  • Follow up the license application (all type of radiation service license) from R P D and Ministry of health.
  • Radioactive Materials Waste Disposal- Emergency Handling Prepare the Storage & Controlled area(Area Monitoring) for Radiation Materials
  • Supply of All Type of TLD’S Badges and Equipments related to Radiation Monitoring – Environmental Services and other related services
  • We are venture with well know International partner M/s Thermofisher – GmbH
  •  NORM –TENORM Services to Oil and Gas Companies