About Us

Al-Thurya is a Private Company founded in 1996 having five offices spread all over Kuwait with the Head Office in Fahaheel, Workshop in Mina Abdullah, Radiation and Technical Training Institute Division in Khaitan, Business Development in Mangaf & Fintas. Al- Thurya is Certifed With a ISO 9001:2008 Certified & ISO 14001:2004 Certified by Bureau VERITAS

Al-Thurya is one of the few leading Kuwaiti Companies that have ventured into the Oil & Gas, Energy, Infrastructure, Environmental, Health Care Sectors with our major concentration on the Oil & Gas & Power Sector.

Our Company have selected areas of niche market where competition does not exist, in other words our company has accepted the challenge of being involved in the task of high risk assertiveity while other companies are reluctant about it.

Through our Proactive approach we strive to pave the road for our International Partners to establish their unique services & technologies by providing them with local potential contacts, influence and team building with the Oil & Gas Industry end users. We work towards our goal of providing unique support to our clients to achieve their objectives.

Al-Thurya has completed more than 18 years to reach this position by the continuous patience, determination & will power to be among one of the best and continue to move forward with an innovative and proactive approach. Al-

Thurya Trading is currently interested into Joint ventures or either Sponsoring with registered overseas companies to work in State of Kuwait on a Project by Project basis or Exclusive basis. Our company vision goes beyond legal sponsorship to include the Strategy of Business Development:

As a Partner, Al Thurya’s Responsibilities will be as below but not limited to the same:-

  • Registration and Pre-Qualification of Your Products/Services line
  • Introduction of Your Products/Services to End user and Clients in different Sectors and departments
  • Full Marketing services to End Users and as well and EPC companies.
  • Arranging the Presentation to different End Users in Oil and Gas Sector as per your Product / Services.
  • Identifying the New areas and upcoming projects and inform Principle immediately about business prospects
  • Maintain Regular Contact with the Customers in the TERRITORY
  • Cooperation, Guidance, Service, Assistance, Facilities and Information which may be necessary to Principle Companies
  • Advice or Recommendation which might be necessary or useful in connection with Principle Company
  • Participate as an agent of Principle Company in the technical and commercial negotiation, presentation meeting and other meetings
  • Information about business, industrial, commercial and legal practices in the fields of activities in the TERRITORY, that will help, in the evaluation of possible sale contracts
  • All assistance during the carrying out of the sale contracts as International Contractor/Principle Company  may reasonably request, including assistance
  • Submit to Principle Company regular written reports about its services rendered, the progress of the execution of the sale contracts and implementation of the sale contracts
  • Support Principle Companies to obtain necessary approvals for the execution of sale contracts
  • Support Principle Companies to obtain registrations and approvals for his main and strategic sub-suppliers and other related services
  • Arranging the Visa and other related services
  • Custom Clearance and other related services and Site renting and etc
  • Follow Up and the payment and other related services

President’s Message

Fahad Al-Sabah

Fahad Al-Sabah
President. .

Al – Thurya Team is so keen to achieve success in paving the road between the principle and the client and that is done through Patience, Determination and Follow Up.

According to the 2030 development plan of the State of Kuwait a lot of Mega Projects will be introduced to the International Arena. Through our due diligence and personal relations with key decision makers, we will provide full information about the potential projects, which will enable our principle to make the appropriate technical and financial proposal to have high chances of becoming potentially awarded.

We are proud of what we achieved and we look forward to join hands with our new partners for the prosperous future

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To capture & conduct business in” new wave” market with International Partner in State of Kuwait where we can utilize our strength & capabilities to succeed.


Pave the Road for International Partners in order them to reach their objective through local potential contacts, influence, team building and follow up.


Identify projects through assertiveness and rigorous efforts to be allocated to niche market projects which require companies with unique services.